How to build an effective micro marketing strategy to convert ideas to solutions

Micro marketing is strategy where marketing efforts are focused on providing a solution for a curated small set of target clients. When we focus on a specific set of clients, understand their need and want, their pain point and then arrive at a solution, it will have greater acceptance.

Let us say that you want to lose 10 Kilos. The timeline you have set for yourself is five months. This means that you need to lose two kilos a month or 500 grams a week. You have broken down your target into smaller measurable chunks. You decide which tactics and exercises to try out and analyse to see which ones work for you. You start with a big goal of losing 10 kilos but focus on the micro target of losing 500 grams this week. That is micro planning.

What we need today is to be conscious of the micro moments around us. As we search for who we really are, we understand that the world perceives us differently than who we want them to think we are. Complicated? Needn’t be.

Why this Micro Marketer Masterclass?

This why will keep coming to your mind, along with other questions, all through this book. This is why you need it:

"You have an idea that you want to bring to the world. You do not have the necessary budget, time or resources to do that. You are not sure how to use what you have within or around you to execute that idea."

What you need is a micro marketing plan that will assist you in realising that dream of converting your ideas into solutions. This book will tell you how to create that plan that will help you achieve your goal.

How to find the who, the why, how, when and where - and go ahead and execute the plan. All towards adding value, making others smile and be happy, to read their objectives, to solve little problems that they have.

The Micro Marketer Masterclass gives examples of entrepreneur micro marketing journeys. At the end of each session, there are questions that will make you ponder and work: How can I come up with my own micro marketing plan, my own set of buyers? How quickly can I convert my idea into solutions for these clients?

You could be an artist, writer, speaker or an entrepreneur, you’ll still wonder – How can I bring my product or solution out for my target market?

Your goal could be to make more money, to establish yourself as a key opinion leader in a segment or start a micro venture that’ll convert your hobby into a business.

It is possible to do all of that. Here are some examples of people who have a clear goal and worked towards it, using a micro marketing strategy:

  • A social worker and hobby chef bring out an artisanal cheese business?
  • Converting a passion for travel and photography into a commercial enterprise?
  • A management graduate building a Chocolaterie?