Global Healthcare Summit 108

What can I do to be prepared for healthcare post COVID?

August 20th, 21st & 22nd

20 Global leaders share their knowledge and insights.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs , Marketers, Brand managers in the Pharma, Healthcare and Nutraceuticals space.

Why Global Healthcare Summit 108?

Listen: 20 global healthcare leaders share their knowledge and insights on the latest trends and insights in the pharma/healthcare industry.
Discover : The changes and how we can deal with it.
Change : How to adopt new technologies in your industry and deliver better.
Access : Anytime, anywhere, zero travel and zero cost


3 Days, No Travel, Information on your computers.


20 plus Global Healthcare leaders (Coming soon)


Pravin Shekar


Puja J Pal

T2 (1) (1)

Dr. Nupur Kohli

Healthcare Leader, Advisor, Speaker, Author.


Hear our speakers speak on these topics in 3 consecutive days. 

Day 1
  • Implications of digital health and pharma after COVID 19. 
  • Agile digital strategies pharma marketers use.
  • Can Coherent Omnichannel Approaches Drive Pharmaceuticals?
Day 2 
  • Future of pharma innovations and R&D in India.
  • Global healthcare technology market: trend analysis.
  • Role of Telemedicine in Health care.
Day 3 
  • Tracking Regional Healthcare Data
  • Research and Insights in Pharma
  • How can we responsibly adopt AI in healthcare?
Pravin Shekar is an OUTLIER MARKETER, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.

He is the founder of Krea eKnowledge, a healthcare decision support company. Pravin is the recipient of the American Marketing Association’s “Emerging Leader” award and the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage award for skilling and employing people with disabilities. He is the author of four books with three more in the pipeline. As a professional speaker, he has energized business leaders in 27 countries. He talks on using outlier marketing and word-of-mouth referrals as key business growth techniques. Pravin nudges CEOs and Sales heads to reorient their marketing outreach by enabling every associate to act towards a common goal - that of driving revenue growth.

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Social - @pravinshekar

Puja J Pal is the host for the Global Healthcare Summit for Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Brand managers in the Pharma, Healthcare, and Nutraceuticals space.

She is a creative Lead for the Summit. An enthusiastic marketing personality capable of convincing, to make the right choices when it comes to a major decision.

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We will share with you the link on the day of the Via E-Mail. You can click the link to join the event.
All the session links will be valid for 120 Hours from the start date of the summit. If you miss a session, just send us an email for a particular session at and we will send you the link for that session.
No!! You will not need to travel as the event is 100% virtual and online!
You don't need to install anything in order to access the summit. It is completely online and you only need a stable internet connection. There are no system requirements, you can even access the summit from your mobile.
Anyone who wants to learn about the new normal and healthcare post-COVID 19. No matter what your business or area of expertise you can learn about these topics. This event covers all the topics with specific reference to the Indian healthcare system.
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